Immediate freshness, personal delivery and we share our profits with life-affirming non-profits.

About Us

We are coffee aficionados, but much more than that. We at Winged Spur Coffee enjoy and live life to its fullest. Each of us have come from the nonprofit world, and that's because we live our lives committed to helping others live their lives more vibrantly and fully.
We secure some of the most delicious, organically grown coffees in the world. We roast them fresh and race these aromatic and savory coffees directly to you. You will taste that rich freshness brought to you personally from afar. 
But if you are involved with nonprofit, life affirming work, we not only want you to taste and share these coffees as a joy, we want to help you in your work too.  If you are co-laboring with such a nonprofit, please drop Alan a note, and he will explain our special nonprofit project, Team Life. Our goal is to serve you.
Many of our missionary friends developed their tastes for third-world coffees and have requested those beans and roasts. If you have experienced particular favorites in your travels, please let us know and with enough requests, we will add those to our catalogue. 
We usually respond that business day. Unfortunately, the demands of our day have directed us to use only electronic and digital communication and avoid the time-consuming telephone (Sorry Mr. Bell!) 
Regardless, if you are on the mission field, or supporting someone there, let us know, and we will show you how we can help. Both Foreign and domestic missionaries are some of our finest customers and we want to help their work as well.