Immediate freshness, personal delivery and we share our profits with life-affirming non-profits.

How to Partner with Winged Spur Coffee

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We share our profits with Life affirming non-profits

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Is your non-profit Pro-Life? We share 30% of our profits with our on-line partners, 50% with partners who use bulk orders!


WSC shares its profits with Life-affirming organizations! If you would like your organization to be considered please read all the way through.


---Thank you for your interest in having Winged Spur partner with your work. If you have 10 or more coffee loving individuals who would like their consumption of the World’s Finest coffees to also benefit your work, fill out the form below. Upon confirmation, you will be assigned a unique order code and agreement. Winged Spur sends out monthly sponsorship checks to supported organizations. We would be pleased to honor your organization as part of Team Life, the movement that is restoring the heart of our nation!


We will show you how to raise funds gradually or quickly.



How this works – remember, those who make effort get good result, those who do little get little.


Put the WS promo link with your organization’s inking code in each of your newsletters and e-mails. This is the gradual, slow but steady method. We can provide our logo and promo comments as well.

Your marketing: It is human nature.

For many people, it is only after seeing an opportunity several times that they decide to try it.

So seriously, make a commitment to do simple, promotional marketing over the next year. You will see your checks gradually grow bigger each month.


For individual, on-line orders, WSC agrees to share 30% of net profits for every order received through your organization’s link.


Quicker and more substantial income:  50% profit sharing when you use the bulk order method.

When you order in bulk, a large part of our marketing and services (overhead) are greatly reduced! We are then glad to share this increased profit margin with you.


WHY NON-Profits are wise to work with business partners.

Many non-profits receive income from joint efforts with businesses (For example, sponsored Thrift Stores; production of specialty products, etc.) These revenues are in addition to their regular donations, and are a substantial benefit to their on-going work. You should be advised that if the majority of your non-profit’s income is derived from business associated revenues, You will need to adjust your income model. Talk with your tax advisor if you plan to depend on WSC as the major source of your income.


The taxable income from an outside business source should NOT be the sole basis of your corporation’s income.  It should be viewed as a separate, supplemental income stream.


Your benefits… Sponsorship or regular income?

After the first $600 of income from WS, you will have demonstrated your efforts are bringing financial returns, and disbursements will be considered income for your efforts on our behalf. Your organization will receive a 1099 Form from Winged Spur.    


Linking to our website is the simple, easy way to get started and gradually get more income. Click on the link at the end signs you up!


Having ‘coffee’ oriented events where you use and distribute bulk orders (even if it is a ‘side’ item, e.g. at a banquet or dinner party, generates quick and more substantial amounts.)


Consider a ‘coffee tasting’ in various homes, or a special table at your banquet.  Perhaps decide on a ‘coffee month’


How does Profit sharing work?


We share directly from our profits with our allied non-profits.


Like all businesses we have costs and overhead to make our business operate.


Why 10% of the gross price equals 30% of the profits.

Aside from our operating setup and employee and marketing costs, we have to:

  • Order fresh beans from international producers and then ship to this country.
  • Maintain different roasting standards for different beans
  • •Order processing - shipping labels printed, shipping packages prepared, boxes built when applicable
  • •Brand-specific packaging/labels/bags matched with each shipping package + label
  • •Fulfillment team acquisition of each order
  • •Roasting of each item in order
  • •Grinding of applicable items in order
  • •Sealing processed items and placing into corresponding shipping packages
  • •Relationship with local USPS delivery teams to ensure timely, daily pick-ups from facility
  • Advertising;marketing;promotions

AFTER all of our “Cost of Doing Business” is covered then the ‘profit margin’ is what is left. Generally, there is a margin of about 30% of the marked price remaining.

We typically plow this back into our company, but if you are making known WSC, we are pleased and honored to share it with you and your work. It is a win/win.


So with your ONLINE referral sales: when we give you 10% of the purchase price from each sale, you are getting 1/3 (30-33%) of our actual profits.


If you order in BULK from us, it reduces much of the individual costs, you pay a flat, bulk rate for shipping, and our overhead costs also drop. This method allows us to share 50% of our profits with you!


We recommend you try both. Over time you will see a gradual increase in on-line, and then with experience you will learn effective bulk ordering and distribution methods.

We will be glad to give you pointers.


Bulk orders make you more money and in a quicker time…

Sponsoring a Coffee Month; Special tastings; a table at a banquet; rotating through churches; there are many ways to make a Bulk order event very profitable.


To get started as a winged spur affiliate, sign up here: